Landevel can manage and act as your advisor in your construction project. Our construction experience and our certifications and credentials support our business. We can help you make your building comply with the strict Passivhaus specifications. Do not hesitate to contact us and request more information.


LANDEVEL has built the first Passivhaus Plus building in Spain, achieving a positive energy result.

Our Passivhaus building is already a reality, it is the first home which produces more energy than it consumes. We offer you all the experience we gained during its construction and in the obtaining of the corresponding certifications. We are already working on new, more ambitious projects, facing the challenges and problems which taking the lead entails.


Experts in the design and construction of passive buildings with positive energy consumption, i.e., a building which produces more energy than it consumes.

Single-family Home

Located in Madrid, this is the first house with a positive energy consumption certificate. It was built by using the best and most upgraded techniques and materials. This is the best example of our quality and it guarantees our experience. A family is already enjoying the pure air, the design and the finishing touches of this dwelling.

Residential Building

Our next project is building a complete apartment and business building, a project which will take the Passivhaus project to urban areas.

The buildings of almost zero consumption are collected by the European Union in directive 2010/31 on the energy efficiency of buildings that urges all the countries of the Union to start building them from 2019.


Landevel uses the most advanced energy efficiency standard in the world, establishing very demanding requirements in terms of limiting energy demand and building tightness.


Our buildings achieve a high degree of insulation, unbeatable indoor comfort, acoustic, thermal and air quality combined with almost zero energy consumption.